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"Do you like darkness?"

yassss tharjaaaaa workkkkkkk

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thetrannykatemoss i meant no disrespect so no need to get upset, you’re beautiful i’m sure you know that.

I’m not upset. im letting you know what you said is ignorant and offensive. Don’t tell me “no need to get upset” lol. Fix your ignorant ass offensive language and then maybe people wont be offended.   If you think im beautiful and you appreciate trans women and our beauty, learn how to be respectful instead of sounding like an absolute hillbilly. ty <3 xoxo

and for the record just because im trans doesn”t mean im not a “total woman” don’t ever say that to someone like wtf. Also how dare you point out some shit you noticied about my body as if i want to hear critiques about my imperfections from random loser strangers.

Seriously re-evaluate yourself. 

in conclusion: you and a lot of people try to give me compliments but really you don’t see how fucking condescending and rude you are.   You would never say to any other girl “i didnt see your face but i noticed your missing the huge boobs of a “total woman” and if u did they;d slap you.   I’m sick of people disrespecting me and then acting like im a bitch or hypersensitive if i say anything.  YOU NEED SOCIAL SKILLS



「艦これ落書きまとめ」/「ミノリ」の漫画 [pixiv]